Invest in the Health of our Planet

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Are you concerned with pollution and limited resources? Let’s find solutions. Here is a place where  you can find my reviews on books, technology, and the identification of plants and how we as people can live in a more sustainable way with resilience in mind using permaculture values.

What is permaculture? For me, it is a mindset or culture used to solve problems that harmonize with the environment. I recommend The Permaculture Handbook by Peter Bane to learn more. Also, when you start understanding how permaculture works, the solutions to problems can be more economic, fruitful and less wasteful. We can find ideas from our parents, ancestors, books/videos, we can look for patterns in nature, and try out our own science projects.

In a temperate climate we face different challenges than other regions. Chiefly, it can be too cold most of the time. Rest assured, I won’t tease my temperate climate region friends about growing banana trees. Choosing (or finding) the right plants for your area that can deal with the inclinations of the climate takes much less effort and is more rewarding. And you know you are on the right track when you realize that problems are actually solutions to other problems.

So if you are looking for little ways to depend on fossil fuels less everyday, you’ll find ideas in this blog that is right for you to help you save money and the environment. As we change our culture one person learning at a time, let us find merit in rewarding people for living in harmony with our planet and rest assured, there will be more work to be done with less reliance fossil fuels and that means you save money (can make money), save energy, and help your community.

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