The Resilient Master List

In this blog you can find examples and descriptions on how people around the Midwest apply technology to adapt to using less fossil fuels.

Here are somewhat of a tables of contents and can serve as subjects of study for inspiration:

Insulating/ conserving energy
Gardening/ Permaculture/ orchards
Forest Management/ foraging/ camping
Edible/ Medicinal herbs and mushrooms
Edible insects
Hunting (bow or non gun especially)
Water purification
Hemp biodiesel
Food storage (drying, fermentation)
non power tools
Carbon Capture producing hydrocarbon
Wind Power- small household/ farm use
Solar panels
Solar Thermal/ Passive Solar
Thermal Mass/ Rocket heater/ Stove /Cobb
Bio Methane
Air Dry Clothes design
Material reuse (crafts with kid/ connecting people with way to recycle electronics, and hazardous materials)
Soap making demonstrations/ homemade vinegar cleansers/ oral care (tree twigs like walnut and sassafras, baking soda, salt, boiling hardwoods for antibacterial tannins)
Ashes and their uses
Hand built shelters
Low energy carpentry
Low energy food prep
Indian heritage
Preindustrial family history
Caring for animals (especially horses and chickens)
Time Management
Demanding responsible safe technology!

Bicycle, Motorcycle, walk, share rides, work at home (Home stead, work
over internet, home business), raise or forage for food close to home,
cook at home, plan for less grocery trips), buy things with the least
packaging, live simply, etc. With enough imagination this list can
keep going.

These are fun to search out on Google or You Tube:

Wild food:
Solar Oven:
YouTube search: Build a Rocket Stove
YouTube search: Biogas Digester
Solar Thermal:
Tony Buck’s Solar Porch
YouTube Search: Biomass Stove
YouTube Search: Passive Solar
YouTube Search: Water Capture
Build a self sustaining food system:
Make your own soap, YouTube Search: Make Soap, Home Made Cleaning
Products, homemade shampoo, homemade toothpaste
YouTube search:wilderness survival, off grid living, Bug out
Can your surplus, also I cook all the food I need for work in
small jelly jars in a boiling pot of water, canning lids seal and
eliminate the need for refrigeration. YouTube Search: home canning
Refrigeration, YouTube search— Clay Pot-in-pot Cooler
Solar Shower, yes it’s plastic and it comes from the camping
section from a big box store, but sit it in your back yard and find a
way to hang it in your bath and you have a renewable way to take a hot
shower. Want to shower anytime: YouTube Search Compost Shower or if
you have the money use geothermal or Solar Thermal from Haven Heating.
Solar Dryer, convert your old dryer using the warm air in your
YouTube Search— Solar Dryer
Hang close up to dry
Residential solar panel, or wind generator systems can come in
kits electrically literate folks will love, especially if you have
space for lots of batteries and electrical things. Check out inspiring
websites videos that tell you how to integrate it with your current
electrical plan:
YouTube Search: $100 Dollar Solar Power Setup
Wash Clothes YouTube Search: off grid Laundry
Prime People Power Mover generator—,



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