A Favorite Book: Adapting to the End of Oil by Maynard Kaufman


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Adapting to the End of Oil by Maynard Kaufman

Understand the political, economic, ecologic, cultural, and religious background behind where we are today. Get a clear picture of what needs to be done to be ready when the reality of peak oil sets in, and to be able to live without harming the the environments of the earth.


Maynard Kaufman has been successfully powering his electrical power needs with solar and wind sice 2001.


His house also includes solar thermal panels, and his fire place is built so efficiently with thermal mass that the heat lasts for 48 hours and copper pipes carry heat to other parts of the home. The south facing windows collect passive solar heat and the north side is insulated with an earthen berm.

Maynard Kaufman is a leader in Michigan. With a Ph.D. from Divinity School of the University of Chicago, he started as a professor at Western Michigan College teaching courses in Religion and Environmental Studies. Next, as a creator of a School of Homesteading in the 1970s. This has lead to successful organic and environmentally sustainable certified farms currently operating. Then, he organized the Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance in 1991. And presently, he writes, speaks, and educates about organic food production, landscaping, renewable energy, and soil enrichment. This proves that it can and is being done in Michigan.


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