How Many Trees are in Your Family?

Trees have been here longer than the 200,000 years humans have been crawling and zooming around this planet. We have been effectively removing them though. And as a result the largest, fastest mass extinction is happening right as we’re busied by flairing tempers over our poor economy. John Denver could not have been more correct: “Now is the time to realize all a tree is worth.”

Tree do innumerable things for us, this list is by no means exhaustive, but just a few things I am most thankful for. Trees absorb the carbon we put into the environment. They are water collecting, and purifying machines! They provide food, clean air, tea, and tannins that can clean and heal us from the outside in, medicine. They are alive, and pulsing with energy. Each leaf a precious gem of life. Our place is by their side, burying their fallen branches and fermenting their leaves to feed the soil so the soil can continue to support our lives.

So, what trees do you have in your family? Who is greeting you as the wind whispers through their leaves as you go about your life? Who is your Grandpa/Grandma tree who welcomes you and waits for your hugs, and who is your little baby tree that makes you so proud?
This peach tree receives my care. As result it fruits nicely, and I am thankful for this tree. I pick the grass around the base. I put down shredded tobacco to chase away pests, and I put spiders on the tree to eat coddling moth that lay their eggs in the fruit. I mulch with organic matter from my yard, cardboard, and branches to hold everything together. When I see any ants, I eat them, they taste like sour candy. Plus, I keep the peach tree trimmed and clear of past due fruit to remove a place for pests to get to the tree.💟


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