Grow Herbs

Thinking about those invitations to birthdays, weddings, housewarming parties, or  celebrating an achievement like graduation? A book is a wonderful gift that gives knowledge which brings enlightenment into someone’s life. Books and knowledge do not wilt like cut flowers. I recommend this book: Grow Herbs An inspiring guide to growing and using herbs. Jekka McVicar shows the before and after of creating her herb garden much of which will grow year after year. She gives us a glimpses of how past people like Monks, Tudors, Romans, and European gardeners designed their spaces and used their herbs.

Just like our Ancestors, we too can grow organically. Jekka lays a firm foundation on how to do this and why it’s important. Novice gardeners will soon be filling up their to-do lists and achieving tasks like a pro. The main course of the book is the 100 herbs that are Jekka’s favorite. Each entry sports multiple pictures of different varieties and information on how to propagate, use, and care for them. The last part shows how you can use them in the kitchen with recipes of drinks, dressings, sauces, and cooked dishes. It shows how to heal with herbs and make first aid kits, how to make fragrance and cleaning products, and how we can make everyone in the family more comfortable with herbs.

This book’s rating is a 10 out of 10. It is perfect for anyone. It’s a complete accessible guide to however you’d like to make herbs a part of your life. It helps me identify herbs that I find in walks in the country or in cities. Are you ready to sink your roots into the earth or introduce earth to someone you know? Get the book at Amazon! 




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