Don’t Toss Your Newspaper Just Yet

Most of us catch up with weekly news and catch messes with our newspapers. I like to keep thinking of resourceful ways to use those little things that we receive and toss out without a thought.

  1. Paper Mache
  2. Wiping away oil
  3. Absorbant layer at the bottom of the trash bag.
  4. Making Baskets
  5. Drop cloth
  6. Tinder (to start the grill or fire)
  7. Wrapping Presents
  8. Wrapping Fragile items to go
  9. Picking up yucky things
  10. Build up a mold for clay
  11. Recycle
  12. Filling in a hole in a wall to cover with plaster
  13. Crumple into a ball to throw
  14. Potty training baby puppies
  15. Absorbing water off the kitchen floor
  16. Use a 3/16″ drill bit to roll up a wet square of newspaper to make a place for leafcutter bees to make their brood cells (nest for baby bees).
  17. Scrubbing containers
  18.  Something to catch chicken poop (needs to be changed daily)

No matter what way you use the newspaper, the one thing you will probably not want to do on a long term basis is put it in the compost, garden, or use it to wash dishes because of the bleaching agents used on the paper and the types of inks that are used.


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