Watch “Bruce Logan | Microbial Fuel Technologies” on YouTube

Here’s what I’m watching waiting for the MudWatt to light up. So far after 49 hours of setting up the microbial fuel cell  the volt meter is reading around 100- 210 mV, but I’m thinking Thursday it will light the LED when it reaches 350 mV. In this Microbial fuel cell there is about 2 cups of dark brown clay heavy soil from a birch/maple forest floor, and 1/2 cup of char and ashes from an old bon fire, 1/4 cup of char from a barbecue (no water has rinsed any of the alkaloids out), and another 1/4 cup of chopped up plant matter such as fresh kale, 2 week old broccoli, fresh banana peel, and stinky old prepared corn grits that I neglected to eat about a month ago…I chose these ingredients to simulate a small compost pile.


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