Make a Super Simple Chicken Cube Coop for Under $160

Here is a Coop that accommodates 4-6 Chickens. It’s economical, simple, and fairly lightweight. Here are the steps:

1. Set up foundation (You may wish to have wheels on the bottom to make it somewhat portable)

2. Measure (cut if needed) 6 quantities of 2″x 6″x 48″ and 4 quantities of 2″x 6″x 42″.

3. Start by making the frame for the left and right walls.

4. Use a drill to guide the screws and prevent the wood from splitting.

5. Measure 2′ up, mark with pencil and fasten shelf boards to the frame.

6. Fasten exterior walls to frame.

7. Place walls with bottom side facing foundation at 90° from final position

8. Fasten exterior floor.

9. Fasten the back wall on.

10. Gently turn and lower the bottom onto the foundation.

11. Put 2′ x 4′ x 1/2″ plywood on the shelf boards. (You may wish to trim an inch or two from the 4′ length so it fits easier)

12. Set the top on top and lean the from to the front.

13. The next day I work on it I will add mesh to the top in the front and back (You may wish to invest in vents)

14. Then add a door and figure out how it will fasten the from so I can clean the cook out, and other little doors to get eggs.

Simple Start Chicken Coop Cube0008

15. Measure width of front plywood to fit between the front vertical boards so hinges can be installed on each side of the ply wood. Cut.

16. Cut front plywood down the middle Vertically. Now you wont need as heavy duty hinges and the coop can be opened up to clean.

17. Make a horizontal and vertical cut at the bottom of one door, and add choice hardware to make the door secure and open and close-able.

18. Make a horizontal cut 2′ up so the upper and lower levels open independently minimizing draft in chilly weather when servicing coop.

Chicken Coop Cube details0003


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