Viktorious Gardens

Have you ever been so happy that other’s road rage could roll off your back like a tip of the hat? Today is that day for me. I just met with a client and tommorow I start a job landscaping and clearing brush for them. 

They want some walnut trees trees, wild grapes, violets, and other wild things removed. I’m going to cut some cardboard with box cutters to keep the weeds from regrowing and hide it with dark mulch. I’ll make holes where we plan to plant hostas when that time comes.

I need to figure out how to pomp up the sea grass (by ripping out all the dead grass). Take out the mostly dead and make room for 3 hydrangeas.  Split up some sedum succulents and place around the grass and prospective hydrangeas. Finally, I will mulch around all that.

I’ve got some trim to move, bushes and roses to trim. Add trim around the roses and bushes, and then mulch that.

Then I’ll thin all the wild things on the east side leaving beautiful ferns where they are. I’ll try to figure out why the white cedar trees are not thriving. I will pull the purple rocket, yellow dock, and black berries  I from around the cedar. Then I will trim a huge bush with white flowers. Then I will add trim and mulch around the tree in the from yard. And finally, identify a black stemmed hydrangea, so we can get another one for the other side of the door.

The tools I will use will be a measuring tape, pruners, bush trimmers, my scythe with the bush blade, a shovel, box cutters, saw, my suede leather gloves, eye protection, garden trim, stakes,  rubber mallet, my phone to get pictures of my awesome work. And I will buy some black landscaping trim and 12 bags of dark mulch.

 I am so happy to have this opportunity. A big thank you to my friend Jeanice for networking. Thank you to Chris for talking to Jeanice, and to my new clients. This has really lifeted my spirits.


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