About the Editor

Dear Neighbors,

My name is Chara Viktora. Together we can create abundance locally and find ways to preserve our abundance. Let me tell you a little about myself and why I know this.

 I have graduated two year college courses twice. Once for Graphic Design, and the next year in Industrial Technology (learning about wind and solar and electronics). Even now, I continue educating myself every day. I’ve spent over 10 years as a sales associate serving my community by helping people find the things they need and want. Next, I have been gardening since 2008. Finally, I have been learning about wild edibles since 2014.

When I went to a presentation at the South Haven Memorial Library about Permaculture, I knew this was going to color my life in diversity, abundance, and happiness. Every Geofflawton.com show filled me with inspiration and hope that we can grow and make lot’s of delicious food.

I want to help inspire you to start that garden of abundance. Start planting perennial roots in the best environment with their companion plantings and you’ll be feeling more abundant summer after summer. Learn and make time for all the different preservation methods and you’ll feel rich all winter. Learn about predator/prey interactions and you’ll learn to keep the integrity of the ecology. Don’t feel excluded if you haven’t much space. Sometimes the smaller operations are better because they are observed and improved more often than huge neglected feilds. If something is going wrong it can be corrected sooner. We all can play a part. Sometimes all it takes is the right perspective. Sometimes we just need to figure out what to do next, or what tools and strategies to apply. I don’t know everything about it, but I invite you to learn with me. Let’s see what works for this area and what doesn’t.

Thank you,
Chara Viktora