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By Dr. Eric Berg


How an Image Critical Girl Can Love Herself

Now, probably more than anyone realizes, there are girls coming of age who are devastated because they do not look like they think a woman should look, they may even notice they are not  developed like their mother. Dissenters will use these insecurities like this as a cheap shot at invalidating. But in reality, no physical part of a body on anyone has to be considered a flaw, because that would only be an opinion. No one can prove for a fact that any body part should meet certain properties beyond being able to function well enough to enjoy a quality standard of living, and even then there are people willing to compromise in those respects to make the world a better place anyway that they know how or to enjoy their favorite hobbies, etc. That is, how you look shouldn’t effect the value of the life you get to enjoy.

When looking for a mate you don’t have to worry about how you are developing because sometimes the things you hate about yourself are part of the things they love about you. Not as many guys as you think are obsessed  with what you think is the ideal of beautiful, and chances are you have assets that no one is going to tell you because that would be kind of weird (that’s for date 50).

There are so many things to worry about that you don’t want to worry about things you cannot directly control. But chances are there are answers to the question of why you are developing the way you are. The sooner you find the answers the more likely you’ll enjoy better health and youthfulness longer in your life. Follow these steps to get started in balancing your health:

  1. Our modern environment is full of pollution and processed unhealthy foods. Many contaminates can collect in the body effecting our next generation. So this is an important task: providing your body with quality simple food from leaves, roots, seeds, nuts, mushrooms, and in moderation- meats. The people of Okinawa, Japan have a high rate of quality of life well into their 100’s because they eat copious amounts of vegetables that they and their neighbors grow. So get those veggies even if you have to go into your back yard and eat a dandelion or pick a bunch of leaves and dry them in a dark place, store them in an airtight container, and then enjoy them as a tea in the winter time.
  2. Always get 8 hours of sleep at minimum. Developing people may need 9-11 hrs. This is the time when the immune system comes out to fight, so if you’re feeling really awful when you wake up that means your body has been through all out war. But nighttime is also a time to restore, heal, and memorize the important things you have been learning all through the previous day. Always get enough sleep so you can heal, grow, and develop.
  3. Avoid any form of simple (granulated or added sugars). Science has shown us that sugar is addictive like alcohol and drugs. The liver makes triglycerides from excess sugar in the blood, and it causes the sebaceous glands in the skin to produce sebum at an increased rate. Also, our bodies are more than just human cells. Our bodies contain more cells of bacteria, fungus, and other little uncanny creatures that love sugar. There are even some scientists that have noted that cancer is similar to fungus. When you eat processed sugar, you are not getting all the energy from it, the fungus and bacteria enjoy some of it too and enjoy you for desert.
  4. Balance your omega 3s and omega 6s. Omega 3s are really great to have, and they offer your body lots of healing, learning, and energy potential. Not only does seafood have this but nuts and seeds as well. Don’t blow the seeds off the dandelion for a wish, make it come true by eating the seeds 😉 The more you learn about natural oils (fat of the land) the more tools in your beauty kit you will have to be beautiful inside and out. Natural oils are your friend, especially when you finally decide that it’s time to start the next generation of awesomeness. You’ll find the last couple of months are the most important time to religiously apply oils (2-3 times a day) to help the skin expand with minimal stretch marks. Fats are a macro nutrient. 30% of the calories your diet can be fats making your meals satiating, and giving your body another form of energy.
  5. Get enough protein. An adult female needs 45 grams of protein everyday, especially when doing strenuous work. Make sure you eat within an hour of getting up and include a good source of protein in your breakfast so your body can create all it’s going to need for the day. This will keep you feeling good all throughout the day. Don’t go overboard though, because too much protein will cause the body to make ammonia.
  6. Get a good amount of exercise. Sometimes just doing some chores and caring for others is all the activity you need. All that scrubbing, shoveling, massaging, and maybe doing push-up every day is all you need for a great upper body. A part time job, gardening, sports, and even putting all the wayward items in your house away (especially when you are lucky enough to have others misplace things for you) is a great way to keep those legs being awesome. Get out and about helps your body get vitamin D  which is essential for healthy bones.
  7. Challenge negative thoughts. Not all thoughts are awesome, and are downright hurtful. Let yourself enjoy singing, and let yourself enjoy being you. Don’t believe the hype. Find a way to relax from stressors that you have no control of.
  8. What’s causing your immunity to not function correctly? If you are doing the first five steps and you find you still have a problem with an imbalance of fungus (called candida) or bacteria (called disbiosis) try to figure out why your immune system cannot keep it in check. Do you have a bacterial or viral infection? Has chemicals been introduced into your body?. Some bacteria is helpful for you and helps you create and absorb vitamins and minerals, and build your immune system. Is their a silent poison in your home such as black mold under the toilet, or lead from old flaking paint or pipes. (Do note that cilantro has been found to chelate lead, and that chelating should be done before deciding to have children to avoid birth defects.) Do you use proper ventilation when cooking? When the body is burdened with fighting and trying to heal from these kinds of stresses it seems logical that the priority of the body would be to keep itself alive and then if it has time maybe develop the reproductive system. Make sure you are getting plenty of nutrition before you have children. The first month is the most important for the proper development of your baby.

So when your mother says you can only love others when you love yourself, this above is what she means. The hard part is affording all that healthy food and avoiding everything that could poison you. That’s why permaculture is so important. We need more people growing and creating real food without destroying the integrity of it’s nourishment. You may have to do this for yourself. If we are to create a culture of permanence, we’ll need to know how to live in harmony with natural systems and not in spite of them.

Forget the small imperfections, and enjoy all that you have.

Me 10 years ago. This is when I realized I was not happy with the way I was caring for myself.

Here’s me in 2014 when I was avoiding gluten, enjoying all the veggies and different kinds of low glycemic grains and fancy oils. We spent a lot of money on food I was working full time, reading , doing yard work, cleaning house, spending time with my family so this is one of the two close ups I could find.


Here I am in 2017. My diet is not perfect and neither is my face. But I am feeling productive and happy when I eat quality food and not empty calories.


The Candida Cure by Ann Boroch

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The Okinawa Program by Bradley Wilcox,  Craig Wilcox, and Makoto Suzuki