Grated Zucchini, Broccoli, Apple Salad

I wasn’t sure these recipe was going to turn out, but when I tried it I couldn’t stop eating it. This is great because it is filling and doesn’t require any cooking, just grating. Also it’s cool and sweet like ice cream, no one will care they just ate veggies, hah! It wasn’t that great before the cream, but I might try it again with yogurt, kefir or maybe even grated honey dew. This would make a good side dish or maybe even desert.


1 Zucchini grated finely

4 or 5 sprigs of broccoli peeled and grated finely (you may want to try different wild edible vegetables or some other vegetable like bok choy)

1 granny smith apple grated coarsely (or your favorite firm apple)

1 tsp-tbsp olive oil or your choice dressing oil

1 tsp-tbsp cream


Once you spend a few minutes grating everything into a 2-3 cup bowl mix everything together with a spoon. Then enjoy.